Vlog 29: A Quick Education

We made the most of Arkansas one our way to Tennessee. 

Losa learned how to eat oysters, we stopped by the Little Rock Central High School (along with approx. 200 visitors), and finally crossed the mighty Mississippi River! Officially back in the eastern US, we're psyched to see what Tennessee has in store for the #CoolBus!

Shoutout to Blu Fresh Fish Marketplace for the oysters and Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site for the education.


Vlog 26: NBC 5 and DFW

We spent a ton of time in Texas. It was fun, it was challenging, but it was mostly full of awesome friends. THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who supported us and helped us out as we flew in and out of the state, fixed the bus (again), and figured out how to be successful on couchsurfing!

Check out our interview on NBC 5 DFW

Extra FB Live chat with reporter Deborah Ferguson



Vlog 23: Erin Comes Back to Us

Erin arrived back in Texas from Thanksgiving break in Syracuse, and we enjoyed our last night in San Antonio. Bonus: Animal friends! 

A special thanks to everyone who showed us what San Antonio has to offer and how awesome this spread-out metropolis is:

Patricia Butler
(and Isabella and Valentina)
Gabby Alonso
Sean Wen
Andrew Ho
Josh Freeman
Erin Chase
Joseph Ullosa
Jeff Weber
Luis Martinez
Danny Anderson
Michelle Mudge-Riley
Sarah Olivarez
Ryan Salts