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"There is a difference between living and existing." —  Ricardo Orellana

"There is a difference between living and existing." — Ricardo Orellana

Seventeen-year-old Ricardo loved the way photography made things seem. His style has come a long way since then, but the reason he loves his art hasn’t changed much.

The mantra defines Ricardo and his views on photography. For Ricardo, art is about learning and striving to understand the life we live. His most passionate photo project, Belief, focuses on the difference between existing and living. Characters exist, but unless artists constantly grow in their understanding and widen their perspectives of the world around them, they aren’t truly living. As a fledgling photographer Ricardo learned he loved photographs. Years later, he’s still learning new ways to express that love and passion through his work.

Ricardo epitomizes the Out There perspective. Checking projects off a list and doing menial work assign to you is important. Your work and your life takes on an added meaning once passion and growth come into focus. OTPros is all about taking what people are the most passionate about and getting it Out There. We are constantly challenging ourselves to take a step back from the daily grind and step into our passions.

Belief — Ricardo Orellana






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