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Vlog 14: Canyon Caravanning

It seems as if we've survived Day 2 of bus life. After a quick breakfast at Peggy Sue's 50's Diner in Yermo, CA we hit the road en route to the Grand Canyon. 

We're getting the hang of taping/harnessing/packing/clipping our belongings down so they're not jostling about while we drive. There have been many a fallen water bottle or solar control system. 

Oh yeah, so our interior power system was hooked up by Thrive Project, a Syracuse sister company that we helped build a name for. We're really lucky that we can charge our phones, laptops, and our WiFi hotspot using the 12V system. Without it, we'd be powerless! 

Stay tuned for when we hit Albuquerque tomorrow, where we'll be staying for the next month. Bwahh! Very exciting. Hit the subscribe on our YouTube channel. And as always, hit us up on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @otpros. 

Catch you on the flippity flop.


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