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Vlog 16: Welcome to ABQ

We're here at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

Johnny and I work at the Bike Valet, a free service brought to you by BikeABQ. You can ride your bike into the Fiesta and have it locked up and guarded for FREE by gracious volunteers. Pretty awesome. 

Also we got a lot of cool swag for putting in hours. This is what we got: 

- Balloon Fiesta jacket, vest, and t-shirt
-Parking Pass
-Admission to the Fiesta all week
-Free meals for a week
-A sweet bike-shaped bottle opener
-Hand sanitizer spray
-A car charger USB port
-Maps of the city
-Invites to 3 Fiesta-sponsored parties

The Fiesta itself is quite amazing. There are no barriers between you and the balloons. You can be as close as you want to them while they're inflating and taking off. It's unreal how big they are. It's also supremely therapeutic to watch balloons float through the sky. 

We also found out that Mumford and Sons were playing in Albuquerque so we spontaneously bought tickets and camped in the parking lot after the concert. Bus life is really convenient. 

More adventures to come. Stay tuned. 


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