Out There Productions

Cool Bus

Our original project, our home on wheels, our first attempt at adulting — the Cool Bus is the beating heart of everything we are at Out There Productions.


The Bus Kids

When the three of us at Out There Productions graduated from Syracuse University, we were looking for something besides a traditional desk job. We wanted adventure, and we wanted to explore the country we'd been living in our whole lives. We bought a retired 12-year-old school bus and converted it into an RV and editing studio. We lived out of the bus, eventually named "Norma," and traveled the US using our skills to get the coolest companies we could discover Out There.

Youtube, Wal*Mart, and Crazy Millennials

We never had very much money, so we parked the bus in Walmart parking lots and outside caring clients' offices. We worked out of our bus home, powered our laptops with solar panels, and put our scrappiness to the test to make our dreams a reality. The world is waiting for the next cool thing, and we're determined to make sure they hear about it ASAP.

We drove over 8000 miles around the United States. Erin and Losa, left the snowy tundra of Syracuse, New York days after we graduated college. Together with Erin's girlfriend and our friend Iara from Etc. Pictures, their Maiden Voyage tour visited bustling cities like Kansas City and Los Angeles. That September Johnny flew to San Francisco to join the buslife. Erin and Johnny drove south, starting the grand OTP journey. Losa met them in San Antonio, Texas a couple months later. We stopped in out-of-the-way towns like Alamogordo, New Mexico and Olustee, Oklahoma. We met folks we never imagined and made friends we never expected. Every month or so we'd pick up our things, say good bye to our new friends and hit the road again for the next state and the next adventure.

Of course, no recent college grad does anything on their own. Our entire bus-life was originally funded by a $9600 crowdfunding campaign representing the support of over 40 of our closest friends, family, and supporters. We couldn't just hit the road and leave them in our dust. Our millennial brains had the perfect solution: video blogs. Whenever we had a spare moment we filmed our lives. We put it all on YouTube so that our fans and families knew we were still alive. 

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Hop On Board


We're really not joking about this whole project. It was our entire lives and is still a huge part of everything we do at Out There Productions. Really get to know the Cool Bus by checking out our Buslife Vlogs and the Indiegogo Campaign that started it all!