Out There Productions

No Nuts

We partnered with some awesome ladies in Syracuse, NY to empower and encourage youth in Upstate New York. Together with Etc. Pictures, the Out There Productions team raised over $13,000 to run a camp teaching film skills and make a video with the campers who attended!


Our first foray into narrative film, No Nuts stretched us in ways only our largest projects can. Our wonderful partners at Etc. Pictures helped us manage the torrential chaos that is organizing and executing a film set and crew. Together we've made a final product that entertains audiences, compels some self examination, and promotes and supports the kids we've come to know and love in Upstate NY. You could say the passion for narrative film No Nuts bred in us has stuck like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth.


No Nuts is a short film featuring kids from Central New York, made by four young women in charge of two up-and-coming indie production companies. It’s a romantic comedy, it’s a character development workshop for CNY youth, it’s a dream in our hearts, coming to your screen. 

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A film set poses a unique opportunity for kids to learn leadership skills. We expose these bright-eyed, talented children to the craft of troubleshooting and storytelling, and show them new paths for mindfulness, attitude control, and problem solving skills. 


No Nuts is one of our favorite projects, and everything it does and represents is thanks to the amazing folks at Etc. Pictures. It has been amazing working with them so far on this project. They are a special team and we are psyched every time they call us on our walkie-talkies (they live downstairs, so we see each other pretty often).