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Three Entrepreneurs on an Old School Bus Making Advertising Human Again.

We're a creative agency, production house, and squad of motivational speakers rolled into one package. Our short, web-ready explainer videos, social media kits, and vibrant, know-it-all millennial attitudes help get your name Out There. We're currently touring the U.S. working with startups and small businesses out of our converted school bus.

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Erin Miller

CAPCOM & Founder

Passionate about small business, Erin has helped found over 300 startups while working with multiple accelerators and incubators. She is a strong believer in side projects and learning by doing. She enjoys eccentric slang and Reel Big Fish.

Johnny Rosa

FLIGHT & Founder

Johnny grew up in the mountains of New England reading the works of Jon Krakauer, Maurice Herzog, and John Muir, while dreaming of his own adventures. A professional writer, Johnny spends his quiet hours photographing the coolest places he winds up.

Losa Amara Meru

GC & Founder

Obsessed with personal stories, Losa is a professional videographer and filmmaker. Her skills with a camera match her drive to document everyday life. Her work has contributed to CBS, the LA Film Fest, and DKA: the national film fraternity.

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Out Where?

Currently: Syracuse, NY

(For A While)

Where We've Been:

Albuquerque, NM

San Antonio, TX

Waco, TX

Fort Worth, TX

Chattanooga, TN


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we ascend together.