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The storms blew into Albuquerque on the heels of the Cool Bus. After spending a week working at the Balloon Fiesta and getting to know the soul of ABQ (check out Vlog 16), today CAPCOM and I pitched OTPros for the first time on the road! It was absolutely incredible to meet the amazing entrepreneurs that call Albuquerque home. Our pitch included a 45 second sneak peek into what OTPros is all about, so we thought we'd share that with you! 

The entire presentation was streamed live on 1 Million Cups ABQ's Facebook page. If you wanna hear everything we had to say check out that video here!

One more shoutout to the Verge Fund and Albuquerque Sol FC who we met at last week's 1 Million Cups ABQ event for setting us up with a parking space and office space for our time here in Albuquerque!


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